Plan-S signs contract with ENPULSION to procure electric propulsion systems for CONNECTA IoT Constellation


Wr. Neustadt, Austria, September 20, 2023 – Plan-S, one of the largest private initiatives in the satellite and space technologies industry in Türkiye, has signed a contract with ENPULSION to supply their CONNECTA IoT constellation with electric propulsion systems. The ENPULSION NANO propulsion system, with close to 200 of its units already in space, combines heritage with an ideal design for small and very small spacecraft.

Plan-S – 3 satellites in orbit and more to come
Founded in 2021 and growing rapidly, Plan-S set out to provide IoT Connectivity and Earth Observation Services as well as Space as a Solution capabilities to various industries, focusing primarily on the development and manufacturing of space technologies.

Since its inception, Plan-S has successfully launched three satellites: ConnectaT1.1, Connecta T1.2 (which takes selfies in space with its on-board camera) for IoT connectivity and Connecta T2.1 for Earth observation. They currently completed the development of twin satellites, Connecta T3.1 and Connecta T3.2. The two satellites are counting days for the launch with SpaceX Transporter-9 mission.

FEEP technology – advantages & heritage
Field Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP) by ENPULSION is designed for compactness, ease of integration, precision, reliability and highest specific impulse. The fully integrated ENPULSION NANO propulsion system is specifically apt to meet the mobility needs of small and very small spacecraft and with close to 200 propulsion systems already in space also has the heritage to do so. The propulsion system comes fully integrated, it requires no propellant management, no filling operations, it has no pressurized components, and no hazardous materials, which makes launch preparation as easy as possible.

Plan-S and ENPULSION – space technology for ambitious goals
“We are very proud to partner up with Plan-S to support their ambitious journey as well as their IoT Connectivity, Earth Observation and Space as a Solution capabilities with our fully integrated propulsion systems. Our dedicated teams for Engineering Support, On-Ground Support, and On-Orbit Support are very excited to work with them.” – said Alexander Reissner, CEO & Founder of ENPULSION

About Plan-S
Plan-S, established in 2021, is a private initiative which reflects the global emphasis on commercialization, mirroring the entrepreneurial spirit of “New Space” movement. Specifically exploring satellite technologies for IoT connectivity, Earth observation and Space as a Solution, Plan-S stands as a beacon of innovation, combining cutting-edge technology development with commercial strategies.

Plan-S is rapidly carving a distinctive place for itself in Türkiye’s satellite and space technologies industry. Their commitment is not only to ride the wave of current technology trends, but also to be a pioneer in IoT connectivity and Earth observation. This drive is powered by a formidable team of intrepid, dedicated, and visionary professionals who are not content with following established patterns; they’re set on creating them.

With capabilities spanning the entire satellite lifecycle, from mission conceptualization to operational execution, Plan-S is uniquely positioned for growth. The addition of IoT connectivity, Earth observation services and an emerging patent portfolio underscore desire of Plan-S to diversify and strengthen the role in the global space technology sector.

With close to 200 thrusters in space, more than 300 thrusters delivered to more than 40 customers worldwide and more than 150 years of accumulated on-orbit operation, ENPULSION is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric propulsion systems for nano- and microsatellites.

The company is supporting customers on 4 continents from its headquarters in Austria, as well offices in the US and France. Its products are based on the company’s proprietary Field-Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP) technology, behind which are more than 30 years of research and development work in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the FOTEC Research Facility.

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