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The ENPULSION NANO has been developed and extensively tested in cooperation with the European Space Agency. First thrusters have been successfully demonstrated in orbit.

The ENPULSION NANO R³ is an updated version of the space proven ENPULSION NANO. It leverages the proven design and offers increased radiation protection as well as electronic reliability.

Building on the flight heritage of the ENPULSION NANO, the ENPULSION NANO AR³ expands controllability towards active thrust vector control, without moving parts.

The ENPULSION NANO IR³ is based on the flight-proven success story that is the ENPULSION NANO. It features increased reliability, radiation tolerance, and environmental resilience, and is configured to enable higher-thrust operating points.

Building on the heritage of the ENPULSION NANO, ENPULSION has developed a scaled version of the technology to target small and medium size spacecrafts.

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Safe and Inert System

The ENPULSION NANO contains no moving parts and the propellant is in its solid state at room temperature. Avoiding any liquid and reactive propellants as well as pressurized tanks significantly simplifies handling, integration and launch procedures.

Dynamic Thrust control

The thrust can be controlled through the electrode voltages, providing excellent controllability over the full thrust range and a low thrust noise.

Controllable specific impulse

Due to the efficient ionization process which allows to ionize up to 60% of the evaporated Indium atoms, the ENPULSION NANO can provide a higher specific impulse than any other ion propulsion system currently on the market.

Compact building blocks

The ENPULSION NANO module is used as a compact pre-qualified building block in order to provide custom solutions at a commodity price and ultra-short lead times. This building block is a complete self-contained propulsion system, the whole cluster can be operated as a single plug and play unit.


The NANO R³ models are thruster versions that expand on the advantages of the standard ENPULSION NANO thruster such as heritage, low cost, and fast delivery cycles.


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