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IFM NANO Thruster

The IFM Nano Thruster has been developed and extensively tested in cooperation with the European Space Agency. The first thruster had been successfully demonstrated in orbit in January 2018!

IFM NANO Thruster SE

Building on the flight heritage of the
IFM Nano
Thruster, the IFM Nano Thruster SE
expands controllability towards active thrust
vector control,
moving parts.

IFM MICRO Thruster

Building on the heritage of the
IFM Nano Thruster, ENPULSION
is developing a scaled version of
the technology to target small
and medium size spacecrafts.


The IFM Nano Thruster COTS+ is an updated version of the space proven IFM Nano Thruster. It leverages the proven design and offers increased radiation protection as well as electronic reliability.


We have successfully introduced a serial production of a high-performance electric propulsion technology. Based on value stream analysis, a scalable production line design has been implemented that scales to mega constellation production rates. Lean manufacturing philosophy allows to implement a product lifecycle philosophy that combines New Space agility with heritage quality processes, while providing high customer value in terms of product performance, cost reduction and short cycle times.




average of production

6th Generation PPU
> 85% efficiency

Easy and fast just Plug & Play

Developed for
ESA Science Missions
The IFM Nano thruster module is used as a compact pre-qualified building block in order to provide custom solutions at a commodity price and ultra-short lead times Although, building blocks are completely self-contained propulsion systems, the whole cluster can be operated as a single plug-and-play unit.
Inert non-pressurized tank during launch
Due to the efficient ionization process which allows to ionize up to 60% of the evaporated Indium atoms, the IFM Nano can provide a higher specific impulse than any other ion propulsion system currently on the market.
Extremely high total impulse density
Significantly cheaper than Xenon
Made of pre-qualified
building blocks
No extra cost
for customization
No additional
lead times
The modular design of the IFM Nano Thruster allows for an easy clustering to various configurations. This introduces an inherent redundancy of the system, as each module is completely independent.
Delivering results


ENPULSION products are tested and proven in orbit.



High customer satisfaction leads to the building of trust and long-term partnerships.



Scalability and consistent quality of ENPULSION products make them the perfect solution for large-scale projects.

Chris Biddy
Astro Digital

ENPULSION was able to provide complete propulsion systems ready to fly, incredibly fast and simple to integrate.

Scott Larson
Helios Wire

Helios Wire evaluated several propulsion solutions for our Sirion Pathfinder-2 Satellite, and Enpulsion IFM was the most efficient system in the smallest package. It met our goals for performance, price and schedule.

Per-Erik Atterwall
Beyond Atlas

We have chosen the Enpulsion thruster. It is the only one that will let us pack enough delta V, in the small package of our 12U space craft, to carry out the mission. The mission is to break orbit and explore an asteroid.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling
Zentrum für Telematik

The decision came after ZfT evaluated several propulsion options and finally selected as a clear winner the IFM Nano Thruster, which is based on ENPULSION’s proprietary Field-Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP) technology. FEEP allows effortless scalability and cost efficiency in a compact and easy-to-implement product.

Stephen Steg
Blue Canyon Technologies

The assemblies were delivered on time, and the technical support was excellent. We found that Enpulsion was an outstanding supplier, and we are looking forward to a long relationship with them.

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