ENPULSION Launches their New US Subsidiary, ENPULSION INC


IEPC 2017, Atlanta – ENPULSION, a leading manufacturer of the IFM Nano Thrusters, has launched a new subsidiary: ENPULSION Inc. Based in the San Francisco area of California, USA. ENPULSION Inc. is set towards the future of the space industry. Leveraging 15 years of technology development for ESA science missions, the company is getting ready to mass-produce electric propulsion systems on an extraordinary scale from their global headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Future forward: Field Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP) is a particularly difficult technology, featuring extremely high voltages and microscopic sizes of ion emitters. For more than a decade, several players worldwide have tried to master this technology to leverage the theoretical benefits over other electric propulsion technologies. So far, not a single thruster has made it to orbit and almost all development efforts had to be stopped after consuming Millions of R&D funds. Even at FOTEC, the birth place of ENPULSION, several concepts had to be discarded, until the porous tungsten crown emitter was developed about 10 years ago.

Global market and custom solutions: Now, in 2017, ENPULSION is getting ready for the series production of hundreds of indium-based FEEP thrusters every year to meet the need of large commercial and governmental partners in the space community. “We have an enormous interest from worldwide small satellite manufacturers in our product. The key to this success is the concept of clustering pre-qualified building blocks, which is made possible by our proprietary Indium-FEEP technology. It seems that our offer of providing a custom propulsion solution at a catalog price and with less than two months lead time is really hitting a nerve of the industry.” Says Dr. Alexander Reissner, Founder and CEO of ENPULSION.

Media Contact:
Marcus Herrington

About ENPULSION: ENPULSION is a spin-out company from FOTEC tasked with commercializing the IFM Nano Thruster. Founded in early 2016, manufacturing of the first set of flight models has already been contracted and expected to be delivered in early 2017.

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