Beyond Atlas Chooses ENPULSION For Its Thruster

Wiener Neustadt, 2017 – ENPULSION, manufacturer of the indium-based FEEP thrusters, has partnered with Beyond Atlas for their mission to explore the Asteroid 2016HO3.

ENPULSION will provide the electric propulsion system used to generate the large delta-V necessary to reach the asteroid. Based in the Wiener Neustadt, Austria; ENPULSION leverages 15+ years of technology development under ESA science missions at FOTEC, from where it has spun out in 2016. The company is getting ready to mass-produce electric propulsion systems on a large scale for both the private and public sectors of the space industry.

Out of orbit and Beyond Atlas: Utilizing a 12 U CubeSat built around the IFM Micro Thruster, Beyond Atlas’ spacecraft will travel approximately 70 times the distance of the Moon to reach the Asteroid 2016HO3. “The IFM Micro thruster is the only propulsion system available on the market that will be able to pack the large delta-V necessary in a 12 U envelope.” – Beyond Atlas

Anticipated launch date of early 2020 – this will be the first in-orbit demonstration of the IFM Micro Thruster system, an array of 16 porous tungsten crown emitters. This assembly will allow the Beyond Atlas spacecraft to explore space as no one has ever done before. “That’s the point, building a craft that can sail and navigate the oceans of space, not just float on its current.” – Beyond Atlas

“We are very excited to be part of the Beyond Atlas Project. I believe that the ambitious goals combined with the vast experience of the team are creating a profound basis for long lasting success. We are proud to enable this success with our technology providing the most advanced FEEP thruster to the spacecraft.” – Dr. Alexander Reissner, CEO, ENPULSION


ENPULSION is a Space Tech Start-Up based in Austria. It is the only entity worldwide offering FEEP thrusters which were developed under FOTEC for ESA contracts spanning more than 15 years. This proprietary technology allows developers and manufactures to introduce extremely high total impulse capabilities in very small system volumes.

About Beyond Atlas

Beyond Atlas is a exploration company, finding affordable ways of exploring space beyond GEO, beyond atlas. Not necessarily for profit, but for exploration in itself.

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