The first 100 FEEP propulsion systems in space: A statistical view and lessons learnt of 4 years of ENPULSION – 23 June 2022

Authors: David Krejci, Alexander Reissner

Published On: June 19-23, 2022

Event: 37th International Electric Propulsion Conference – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA USA, IEPC-2022-199


The in-orbit demonstration of an ENPULSION NANO propulsion system in 2018 marked the first liquid metal field emission electric propulsion system tested in space, and the successful introduction of the ENPULSION NANO. In the four years since then, this propulsion system was successfully industrialized and 136 systems have flown on 61 different spacecraft. In parallel, new propulsion systems based on FEEP technology have been developed, expanding the thrust and power range and introducing new features and lessons learnt from the large space heritage of the ENPULSION NANO. Two of these new propulsion systems have been launched to space so far. This paper present telemetry data of ENPULSION NANOs from several spacecraft, including larger orbital change maneuvers, and discusses applications utilizing ENPULSION NANO systems so far. We then provide an overview of the current onorbit statistics of the ENPULSION propulsion systems. We present aggregated onorbit statistical data of the ENPULSION NANO, discuss challenges encountered and present lessons learnt during onorbit operations, customer AIT support and ground test campaigns conducted at different facilities.

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