What's Driving Us ...

Management Team

Felix Landsteiner

Head of Finance

Dennis Weihrauch

Head of Production

Dr. Thomas Nennadal

Head of Global Marketing

Celina Mahler

Head of Administration

Richard Sypniewski

Head of Business Development

Roman Hörbe

Head of Supply Chain

Joan Miralles

Head of Production Assurance

Dr. Michael Alexander

Product Manager Electronics

Sameh Abouagaga

Aerospace Engineer

Tim Alexandropoulos

Aerospace Engineer

Gerhard Beck

Aerospace Engineer

Alvaro Blay Sempere

Aerospace Engineer

Martin Eizinger

Aerospace Engineer

Valentin Hugonnaud

Aerospace Engineer

Gábor Povorai

Aerospace Engineer

René Serrano

Aerospace Engineer

Nick Steinhauser

Production Engineer

Jim Clark

Aerospace Engineer

"Helios Wire evaluated several propulsion solutions for our Sirion Pathfinder-2 Satellite, and Enpulsion IFM was the most efficient system in the smallest package. It met our goals for performance, price and schedule"

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