IFM Nano Thruster SE
IFM Nano Thruster SE
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Building on the flight heritage of the IFM Nano Thruster, the IFM Nano Thruster SE expands controllability towards active thrust vector control, without moving parts.

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Active Thrust Vector control

The IFM Nano Thruster SE allows to actively control the resulting thrust vector, without any moving parts. It can therefore steer, correct for CoG mismatch, or can enable advanced missions requiring precise thrust pointing.

Controllable specific impulse up to 6000 s

Due to the efficient ionization process, which allows the capacity to ionize up to 60% of the evaporated Indium atoms, the IFM Nano Thruster can provide a higher specific impulse than any other ion propulsion system currently on the market.

Dynamic precise thrust control

The thrust can be controlled through the electrode voltages, providing excellent controllability over the full thrust range and a low thrust noise.

Compact building blocks

The IFM Nano thruster module is used as a compact pre-qualified building block in order to provide custom solutions at a commodity price and ultra-short lead times Although, building blocks are completely self-contained propulsion systems, the whole cluster can be operated as a single plug-and-play unit.

IFM Nano Thruster SE

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