The IFM Nano Thruster COTS+ is a thruster version which expands on the advantages of the standard IFM Nano Thruster, such as heritage, low cost and fast delivery cycles, by introducing a full lot-control and lot-testing component philosophy!

LOT control

All EEE components of the IFM Nano Thruster COTS+ are procured in lot-controlled batches. Selected sets of these batches are subjected to radiation testing, so that each thruster delivered to a customer can be traced back to a fully representative qualification model using components from the same batch.


The IFM Nano Thruster COTS+ is an updated version of the space proven IFM Nano Thruster. IT is directly building on the heritage, leveraging the proven design and component selection.

Controllable specific impulse up to 5,000 seconds

Due to the efficient ionization process which allows one to ionize up to 60% of the evaporated Indium atoms, the IFM Nano Thruster can provide a higher specific impulse than any other ion propulsion system currently on the market

Redundant neutralizer cathodes

As the IFM Nano Thruster expels an ion current of up to 3 mA, the module needs a method to prevent spacecraft charging. This is achieved by the use of two cold-redundant electron sources acting as neutralizers. Such an electron source consists of a thermionic cathode type, which is heated up to 1,800 K and biased to -200 V. Once electrons have left the neutralizer, they will be pulled towards the positive potential of the ion plume. The PPU is able to measure and control this charge balancing electron current.

IFM Nano Thruster for Cubesats

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